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We are switching to Datacenter Services
2017-02-15 12:42
We are pleased to announce that our company is taking a big step forward in datacenter services. We have introduced a wide range of dedicated and VPS servers. We are transforming ourselves into a datacenter and cloud-based company. This also means that we have to leave few of our products behind, which includes Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Website Builder, eCommerce Hosting, Email Hosting and Domains. We will also be removing SSLs, Sitelock, and Codeguard from our product list.

Kindly note that if you have any of the below-mentioned services with us, your accounts will be terminated on 14th March 2017. By the time you can take the complete backup of your data and shift your services.

1. Web Hosting
2. WordPress Hosting
3. Website Builder
4. eCommerce Hosting
5. Email Hosting
6. Domains

For all present SSL certificates issued by us, will be valid for the total issuing period. We will be issuing a refund for any remaining period of service you have with us on a pro-rata basis. Kindly visit the given link and submit your responses by 2nd March 2017.

For any further assistance feel free to contact us.

Please note that all accounts will be terminated by 14th March 2017. CloudLinkd will not be responsible for any data loss or any of the above listed services after 14th March 2017.

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